7 Tips for Travelling Light

Tue, Dec, 29, 2015

When you simplify life on the road you have more time to enjoy the experience. It's no fun trudging around with a huge 70 litre bag on your back as well as carrying other smaller ones.  With one carry-on sized bag you can be more spontaneous and have less to drain your energy. Here are some top tips on how to travel compact on the road.

1. Be brutal when packing

Only pack what you absolutely need. Lay out everything you think you’ll need and get rid of half of it. Just pack a few items of clothing and take some travel soap so you can wash things on the road. 

2. Compress your clothes

There are lots of options here. You can use packing cubes, which have the benefit of helping you organise your clothes in to different compartments. Or, if space is truly at a premium, GOBAG’s Max Pack Bag allows you to compresses your clothes completely and has the added benefit of keeping them 100% dry if you’re caught in a monsoon.

3. Pack smart

You’re going to have a much better time travelling if you don’t have to haul all the items out of your bag every time you need your phone charger. Top loading bags, like standard rucksacks, are hard to pack because they only allow you easy access the gear at the top. If you can get a bag that has a large zip, like GOBAG’s Full Edge Zip, then you’re going to have a much easier time on the road as more of your stuff is near the zip.

4. Travel sized toiletries

It’s really worth sliming down your wash bag as it’s one of the heaviest essential items that you carry. Get yourself a 100ml toothpaste tube, deo and shower gel (or even better a bar of soap). If you’re traveling by plane you’re going to have to do this it anyway. We also recommend getting your hands on a decent, compact travel towel. 

5. Ditch the gadgets

Most of us would  love to travel with our laptop, SLR, 3 lenses and tripod. I normally travel with an SLR with all round lens (18-200), GoPro Hero 4 and an iPhone. Try taking it a step further and leave the SLR and GoPro behind and use one of Lifeproof’s smartphone cases. Then you can take all your shots with your phone. Remember to take a portable battery too - they’re amazing when you’re caught short.

6. Leave your books

Leave the travel books and novels behind, old-timer. If you can’t live without them then just download them to your phone using the Kindle app. Also, if you don’t have books you’ll speak to other travellers, it’s more fun, we promise.

7. Pack a day-bag

A lightweight day-bag like the Outlier Ultrahigh Backpack is a great addition when you’re exploring the city or going on a short hike. They can pack away to nothing and can be used to carry some additional stuff if necessary. 

Have you got a tip for traveling light and compact? We'd love to hear about it. 



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