What's Always In My Carry-on Wash Bag

Mon, May, 22, 2017

As a full-time travel writer, I'm on the go about 80% of the year. While seeing beautiful places and eating amazing food never gets old, constantly packing and repacking and dozens of airport security lines a year certainly does. Travel is my life, so I've done as much as I can over the last few years to streamline it. At this point, I pretty much have packing down to a science. I only ever bring a carry on (I have a whole blog about it!) and can pack for any type of destination at a moments notice.

One thing that makes this easier is having a constantly stocked wash bag. It's always filled with the same essentials, then I can throw in anything needed for specific trips. The GoBag wash bag is great because it's see through, making airport security faster. It's also really easy to clean. If something spills, I can just empty it out and rinse. Here's what's always in my wash bag, ready to go.


  • Face Wipes – These are the fastest, easiest way to wash your face while traveling, and with so many options out there you're sure to find one that's great for your skin type. They can also be used to clean up spills, clean your hands, and even as toilet paper in a pinch.
  • Sunscreen/Face Moisturiser – Sunscreen is so important! No matter where I'm traveling, I put it on every morning. I use this one that's also a great face moisturiser.

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss – I always have a travel size of each of these in my bag. There's no excuse for skimping on dental care, even when across the world.
  • Salve – This is my go-to for lips, cuticles, sunburn, and any other skin irritation. It's a lifesaver.

  • Deodorant – Obvious, but essential.
  • Body Wash – While most places I stay will provide this, it's nice to have a backup just in case.
  • Hand cream – No need to be fancy. This one is cheap and effective.
  • Travel bottles – Prefer to bring your normal products? Pour them in these, which don’t spill no matter what you do.


  • Dry Shampoo – I don't usually bring travel shampoos/conditioners because most places provide them and they take up space. I do bring dry shampoo though, just in case regular shampoo isn't provided, and because even when it is I think dry shampoo is a great styling tool.
  • Wet brush – A friend introduced me to these brushes last year and they are SO useful. They can be used when your hair is wet without damaging it, or when it's dry, and they come in travel sizes.

Optional Extras

  • Evian travel spray – This is the most refreshing thing you can bring on a flight. It instantly makes your face feel fresh and your makeup look better, even after the longest flights. On a 10-hour layover in Mexico City on the way to Cuba my friends and I used almost an entire bottle. It definitely made us feel better during what was almost 24 hours of travel!
  • Travel manicure kit – Snagged nails irritate me and I end up picking at them until I can find a nail file. I’ve learned to always have one on hand.
  • Eyedrops – If you wear contacts like me, your eyes probably get dry on long flights or overnight bus rides. These eye drops are amazing.

That's it! It all fits nicely in my wash bag, so I'm always ready to go whenever adventure awaits. See you on the road!

Rebecca Holland, www.curiosityandacarryon.com

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